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We created an engaging and informative animated explainer for HSC to inform the public on the benefits of their local pharmacy.

Our Solution

The Health and Social Care board worked with Doubejump on some recent public awareness campaigns. The main goal was to inform the public of the benefits of their local pharmacy whilst also promoting the pharmacy as your first port of call if you are sick with a cold, sore throat or flu-like illness. 

To promote engagement we kept the videos very short and front loaded the message to reach as wide an audience as possible. We developed a beautiful illustration style to work alongside their existing branding. The animation was designed to be easily understood at a quick glance and to tell the story without the need for audio. To keep a viewers interest we developed beautiful transitions from scene to scene and made use of sound effects to enhance the project. 

We developed a suite of different promotional messages in this style so that it was immediately obvious that the content was connected to the pharmacy campaign. HSC then used the videos on their social channels. Another happy customer!

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