Woodside Logistics Group Promo

A dynamic promo for one of irelands largest logistics brands

Our Solution

During the summer we worked with Woodside Logistics to tell the story of their 60 year old brand. Woodside Logistics is a massive group comprising of 5 separate companies that work in unison to deliver for their customers. We were tasked with creating an engaging promo that not only showcased the capabilities of the 5 companies but also showcased the people behind the brand. We storyboarded and scripted the entire sequence and then shot 3 days on location with our video production team at their base in Ballyclare. We wanted to show real people doing their work as they talked to the viewer to give an idea of the scale of the group and also the sense of collaboration between the different divisions. We employed a drone to capture stunning vista's on Irelands north coast and combined this with dynamic go pro and on vehicle shots. The result is a promo that tells the Woodside brand story while it is constantly on the move! Very fitting for a logistics company.

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